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The first student has been awarded a new bursary introduced by the Royal Agricultural University (RAU) supported by STITA. In February this year the RAU announced the new bursary, which is an annual award of £1,750 given to an international student who has overcome financial difficulty or hardship. It is designed to help alleviate pressures on the student so that they can focus on their study without worrying about financial needs. 

The first recipient is Emily Tal, is a second-year student studying BSc (Hons) International Business Management at the RAU :  “It’s so touching to have been awarded the bursary this year. It was so lovely to know that I had support behind me. Often chronic illnesses can feel as though you’re facing it all very much on your own, as their implications are often misunderstood and downplayed. I think I will put it towards accommodation for my final year.” Emily has recently been working on a sustainability project on placement at Novanta 90. Speaking about her studies, she said: “I love the versatility of my course and the small, friendly atmosphere of the Cirencester campus.” 

The international focus of this award reflects STITA’s varied programme of tours and clientele across the world including the UK, Europe, Brazil, Australia and China. Jonathan Taylor of STITA said: “We were delighted to launch this exciting new bursary in partnership with the RAU earlier this year, and it is great to see the first recipient. Congratulations to Emily and we wish her every success in her future studies and career.”