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Stita Farm Tours provides a full range of travel services for both overseas and UK groups in the agricultural sector. This can include full tour planning and consultation, accommodation, transport, sightseeing, farm-stays, farm visits, factory demonstrations, seminars and much more. If you have a pre-formed group or belong to a travel club or agricultural organisation, Stita Farm Tours is able to customise a tour to fit your particular requirements.

We can produce a wide range of itineraries covering both in Europe and the rest of the World, which would be custom-made for you, reflecting the special interests of the group. Our wide ranging contacts and knowledge of the subject enables us to match closely clients' needs with a good-value and interesting itinerary.Many groups are visiting for a particular reason, perhaps an important agricultural show or event.

We have first-hand knowledge of many of these and we are happy to incorporate these either as a main focus of a tour or as a component of a more extensive itinerary.If you are interested in arranging a farm tour for a group, please contact us with a brief outline of your requirements. 

Study tours - where to go...

British Isles.   Top quality dairy, beef, and sheep farms : Britain is  a world leader in livestock production and technology.

Europe. The continent of Europe is an agricultural power-house  encompassing many of the oldest and most famous cattle breeds, and a tremendous variety of crops and horticultural produce.

Rest of the World.  For farmers based in the UK there is no better way to expand your knowledge-base  than travelling to see how some of the world's fastest-moving agricultural economies work : Eastern Europe, Brazil,  India & China to name just a few